What do we do?

What do we do?

Adenea’s range of labels, brand badges and complements, although they have a high application in the textile and clothing sector, has been evolving and is nowadays applied in products for different sectors. By way of summary, our main products are:

Etiquetas tejidas

Woven and embroidered labels:

This type of woven label is used to reflect the manufacturer’s brand and/or logo on the product, conveying a quality presentation to the consumer. This type of jacquard labels are sewn onto textile garments, both inside and outside, sportswear, orthopaedic products, indoor and outdoor upholstered furniture and bedding among other products.

Printed labels and ribbons:

Printed labels and ribbons serve a similar purpose to the jacquard woven label, although they give a more casual, casual and vintage look, depending on the base tape used as a backing. Printed continuous tape has other uses due to its economy such as: hanger tape for strapless or knitted dresses, printed gift ribbons for packaging….

Cinta satén impresa

Cardboard hang tags:

They are mainly used to reflect the manufacturer’s brand, hence their importance as the first image that the consumer receives of the product by sight and touch. They are also used to indicate prices, bar codes and any other type of information for products displayed in shops and points of sale. Its application covers an infinite number of products, the most common being the textile sector, leather goods, footwear, sports clothing and articles, food, perfumery, optics, lighting and furniture. It is important to highlight the increasingly common use in food and beverages, especially in the labelling of gourmet and high-end products.

Leather and synthetic labels:

This type of labels, both leather and synthetic materials such as rubber, silicone and PVC, are the most suitable for sewing the manufacturer’s brand on the outside of the product, improving its image by means of a distinctive branding. They are most commonly used on denim textiles, leather goods and footwear, furniture, …..

Etiquetas de cuero y sintéticas

Metal labels and anagrams:

Labels, metal anagrams or plaques are brand applications of great strength and differentiation. They are used in the textile sector as well as on furniture, bottles and containers, and packaging for high-value products. The hardness of the materials we work with means that the manufacturer’s brand permanently accompanies the product. We have a wide range of metallic materials (aluminium, zamac, etc.) with which to achieve different visual effects when applying a brand or logo to a product.

Marchamos, seals and threads:

Our wide range of tags, seals and threads are the ideal complement for attaching cardboard labels to a product.

Depending on the image to be conveyed, the speed and the need for labelling, we recommend a tamper-evident seal with branding, an automatic system or a simple ribbon or thread with knot and safety pin.

Packing y muestrarios textiles

Trimmings, textile samples and bags:

Colour charts are an essential element for the textile and clothing sectors. In Adenea we have standard supports to present the variables of fabrics proposed for the same garment, quickly, comfortably and with an optimal presentation.

Textile bags are a perfect element to ensure a correct presentation of the product, fulfilling its function of packaging and advertising.

High-quality plastic and metal fasteners are essential for packaging and finishing in the production process, as well as for accompanying products at the point of sale. ……