They are small envelopes that we manufacture neutral or printed, with white papers, vegetable papers or coloured papers, always following the aesthetics of the hang tag they accompany.

We have many ready-made dies that we can use in the manufacture of your button envelopes. All we have to do is find the size that best suits the size of the button and/or spare part, taking into account the size of the label that goes with it.

They are very practical because, even if the cardboard or price label is thrown away, the button-holder envelope with the spare part is always kept and if it is personalised, the customer will always know which garment it corresponds to.

We always keep in stock a few sachets or snap-lock sachets in order to be able to respond quickly to your emergencies.

In addition to envelopes for buttons, we are also in demand for envelopes for shop tickets, business cards or gift cards…

Why choose Adenea for your cardboard labels and whale tags?

It is easy to trust our brand when we have been helping corporations with their labels for so many years. That’s why we want you to know a little more about why brands choose our company.

Quality in our results

If quality is one of your must-haves, you have to meet our R&D team.

At Adenea we are constantly searching for new materials that achieve incredible and distinctive results for your brand.

The materials we use are also impregnated with this quality. We are versatile and we know how to work with both physical and digital brands.

Industry experience

We are not newcomers, we have a long track record in the sector. That’s why our clients trust our word and let our experts advise them.

Feel at peace to have a team of professionals taking care of every detail of your labels.

Commitment to our customers

We are aware that it is essential to work closely with you. Not only that, we make sure that your brand is labelled in a way that respects society, nature and the environment.

Ecology in our products

It is becoming a priority for companies to preserve their environment. That’s why good materials that respect the planet are increasingly in demand. It is logical that so many companies want to trust us, because we are committed to eco-labels.

Especially if you are in the textile industry, you know how important it is to change a lot of things, ecologically speaking. What’s more, customers are already aware of which brands are reducing the damage to the environment.

We can make this journey together, thanks to our specialised team that will give you the best keys for your brand.

Contact us

We have different ways to reach us, because we have our telephone (963667444) where our team of professionals will take care of collecting the information for that first contact. But we also have a physical location (C/ Ministro Luis Mayans 35-1, 46009 Valencia) and, if you prefer, an e-mail address (

The next step is to start working together and achieve all your goals hand in hand.

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