We produce personalised woven labels with your brand name to sew onto the collar of any ready-made garment. We also produce embroidered labels, fabric labels, size labels, badges, tab or flag labels and continuous woven ribbons. We supply garment labels in any size and in a wide range of colours, in both glossy and matt finishes. All the yarns we use to make our woven labels are OEKO-TEX certified and are usually made of 100% polyester. We can use natural yarns and special yarns and carry out special treatments such as flame retard, label stiffening, anti-shrinkage or extra gloss. Our labels are available in taffeta or satin quality, with woven selvedges or very smooth ultrasonic cutting.

The minimum order quantity for the production of personalised labels is 2,500/3,000 units (200 linear metres) depending on the total length of the label.

We call woven labels any textile label, with a design or brand, obtained by crossing warp and weft threads, made on a loom.

The basic qualities, taffeta or satin, on which our woven labels can be made, are distinguished by the number of threads per mm² that we put in the warp:

  • Taffeta = 56 threads of 140 deniers.
  • Satin = 112/120 threads of 140 denier.

The weft yarn thickness normally used is: 141 or 150 denier. Depending on the number of times the weft yarn is interlaced with the warp yarn, a distinction is made between normal definition, high definition or supercolour and supreme definition woven labels. The higher the number of beats (passes) and the lower the yarn thickness, the more definition is obtained in the label.

If we consider their usefulness, we distinguish between flag or tab labels, neck labels, brand labels, badges, size labels and continuous textile labels. We can manufacture in any size required by the customer: from 3mm (ribbons) to 220mm (posters) and with the desired number of colours.

All our products are made with woven selvedges or ultrasonic cutting. This way the sides of the labels are smooth, unobtrusive and do not need to be cut. For children’s garments and delicate garments we weave with very fine yarns and the woven labels are very light and pleasant to be in contact with the skin. All textile labels can be delivered in rolls, cut and folded to the sides, cut and folded to trapeze and/or cut and folded to the centre.

The woven size label is normally customised in colour and quality in the same way as the woven neck label. You can make as many different sizes as you need. You can also use our standard woven sizes with white background and black numbers and letters or the other way round. Don’t rule out the possibility of adding the size to the neck label, this way you will have everything in one. We can finish it with an irregular cut and folded so that once the size is sewn on, it will be in the air.

Certificado OEKO-TEX - Adenea

Why choose Adenea for your Jaquard woven labels and recycled polyester yarns?

Our years of experience in supporting, advising, and helping to produce unique details for brands make us the industry leader.

Quality in our results

We have always been a standard bearer for working with the best materials to achieve results at the level of the corporations that work with us.

That is why our professionals are always at the forefront.

The materials we use are also impregnated with this quality. We are versatile and know how to work with both physical and digital brands.

Experience in the sector

Having worked with so many brands and for so many years gives us a great knowledge of the sector. This way you will know that we can adapt to you in the most successful way possible.

From the type of label, to the materials, to the size, we manage to work together to achieve the best results.

Commitment to our customers

It has become essential for us to walk this path together and communicate in a fluid and clear way. By working with Adenea you will be assuring the commitment to protect the environment.

Ecology in our products

It is becoming a priority for companies to preserve their environment. That is why good materials that respect the planet are more and more demanded. If this is your case, remember that with us you can continue to take care of the planet thanks to our materials.

Especially if you belong to the textile industry you will know the importance of changing many things, ecologically speaking. What’s more, customers already take into account which brands are reducing this damage to the environment.

If you don’t know how to make that change, we will help you and we will do it together.

Get in touch with us

We have different ways to reach us, as we have our telephone (963667444) where our team of professionals will take care of collecting the information for that first contact. But we also have a physical location (C/ Ministro Luis Mayans 35-1, 46009 Valencia) and, if you prefer, an e-mail address (adenea@adenea.com).

Get ready to stay looking after your brand image thanks to Adenea!

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