You can achieve premium packaging with customised stickers made from special papers and all kinds of finishes, shapes, …. giving extra added value to the presentation of your product.

Use them to attach your brand adhesively to your product or to close tissue paper, bags, etc.

Why choose Adenea for your personalised adhesive labels?

We have enough experience to advise you on the whole process of creating labels and reinforcing your brand image. That’s why our experience helps us to manufacture the best labels and solutions for you.

Quality in our results

  • For this reason, we have a team of professionals who make up our Design + Innovation department. In order for your company to succeed in its purpose of reflecting the company’s brand image, there is our Design + Innovation team.
  • We always want your brand identity to be well reflected on your labels.
  • This is also why we select only quality materials. Don’t worry if you only sell physical or digital, we can offer you solutions adapted to your characteristics.
  • Experience in the sector. Having worked with so many brands and for so many years gives us a great knowledge of the sector. This way you will know that we are able to adapt to you in the most prestigious way possible.
  • We will find all the details that best represent your brand and strengthen that ecosystem.

Commitment to our clients

It becomes necessary to walk this path together and communicate in a fluid and clear way. By going hand in hand with Adenea you will be committed to protect the environment.

Ecology in our products

Media pressure has forced brands to take care of the environment. And it has become obligatory to work with brands that do not create polluting or harmful waste. If this is your case, don’t forget that with us you will be able to remain caring for the planet thanks to our materials.

It is almost obligatory to take this into account, as the textile sector is one of the most damaging to nature with its waste. On the other hand, it is basic because the followers of our brand will value it and compensate enormously, as well as the planet.

Don’t forget that we can advise you whenever you need it.

Contact with us

We have multiple ways of communication, because we have our telephone (963667444) where our qualified group will be responsible for knowing the details for that first contact. But we also have a physical location (C/ Ministro Luis Mayans 35-1, 46009 Valencia) and, if you prefer, an e-mail address (

Get ready to continue taking care of your brand image thanks to Adenea!

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