The brand seal, composed of a plastic part and a textile/thread part, is presented with the ends embedded during the moulding operation in the base of a prismatic plastic box which is placed in a linear extension with the thread, and is provided with two snap-in windows, one on each side of the box, in order to receive the coupling of the opposite end of the thread.

For the manufacture of this plastic seal we can use different types of threads depending on the appearance we want to achieve. Although it is usual to inject the plastic on polyester thread, it is also possible to do it on natural or rustic-looking threads such as hemp or cotton. For an even more elegant finish, we can use a 3 mm tubular ribbon specially made for the manufacture of marquees.

The length of the thread or ribbon has plastic nibs at the ends and is variable in length.  The length of the thread and ribbon is usually 270mm. However, the length can be varied: 160mm, 180mm, 230mm, or 320mm so that the label hangs less or more from the garment on which it is placed.

The thread is served open on both sides, i.e. it is served WITHOUT BAG. One end will be hooked to a loop, collar tag or buttonhole and the other end is intended to crimp the label. The safety pin that we insert in the box will always be made of plastic.

The plastic body is always placed in the centre of the thread, it can be of different colours and is marked in one or two colours with the customer’s brand or logo by thermal engraving. There is also a colour range for the embossing film with colours such as shiny or matt gold and silver.

3D circular or rectangular plastic seals.

It is a tamper evident monoblock plastic seal manufactured in a single process.

The rectangular seal is characterized by its plastic body with 4 sides of 5x9mm with volume, it is possible to personalize one of the sides to a pantone colour by means of typography.

The circular plastic seal is characterised by a 9mm long plastic cylinder which is injected on the polyester thread with a length of 270mm. The personalisation of the same as in the rectangular seal is carried out in one Pantone colour by means of pad printing.

This plastic tag is normally injected on polypropylene yarn, but it is also possible to inject it on natural or rustic looking yarns such as hemp or cotton.

The length of the thread will always be 270mm and cannot be varied, and the plastic body is in the middle of the thread. The thread is served open on both sides. The safety pin in this series is always made of plastic.

Why choose Adenea for your plastic security seals with logo?

After so many years of hard work we can proudly communicate that Adenea is a leader in the label industry. Now we would like to show you those details that make us different from our competitors.

Quality in our results

For that reason, there is a team of professionals that make up our Design + Innovation department. In order for your company to have prestige in its purpose of reflecting the company’s brand image, we count on our Design + Innovation team.

For that reason, there is a team of professionals who will help you throughout the whole process.

The materials we use are also imbued with that quality. We are versatile and know how to work with both physical and digital brands.

Experience in the sector

Having worked with so many brands and for so many years gives us a great knowledge of the sector. This way you will know that we can adapt to you in the most successful way possible.

From the type of label, to the materials, to the size, we manage to work together to achieve the best results.

Commitment to our clients

It is essential to walk this path together and to communicate fluently and clearly. By working with Adenea you will be assuring the commitment to preserve the environment.

Ecology in our products

It is becoming a priority for companies to protect their environment. That is why good materials that respect the planet are increasingly in demand. If this is your case, remember that with us you will be able to stay in touch with the planet thanks to our materials.

Especially if you belong to the textile industry you will know the importance of changing many things, ecologically speaking. What’s more, customers already take into account which brands are reducing the damage to the environment.

If you haven’t figured out how to start making that change, we will help you and we will do it together.

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