Hangtags, printed labels and «ECO» Marches

Our proposals are: kraft cardboard hang tags, labels printed on natural fabrics, printed ribbons on cotton and marl or seals with natural yarns, all for ecological products and responsible consumption.

The «ECO» sector is currently the most dynamic, dynamic and creative sector of the economy. There is a decisive shift towards environmental care, which leads to important changes in all our habits. More and more people are choosing forms of production and consumption that help to protect our planet, and this is now spreading to all sectors: organic food, cleaning products, certified cosmetics, ORGANIC TEXTILE,…

Organic products are good for consumers, for the environment, for the local economy, create jobs, combat climate change, promote a healthier society…. Behind every project there are sensitive, generous, creative people and companies willing to work for a better present and future for everyone.

For a product to be qualified as ecological, eco, biological, bio or organic, it must be qualified by a control body and bear the labels that identify it.

These labels are basically defined as a label that informs and encourages consumers to choose products and services that have less impact on the environment.
This means that it gives us the possibility to choose them according to their environmental impact.

In Adenea we think that not only these seals should be reflected, but that the whole environment, the identification and labelling of the product, should be in harmony and therefore the whole brand should breathe «Eco». To this end, we have developed a whole range of labelling proposals with natural and/or certified raw materials, which we present below.

Personalised hang-tags-and-marchamos-de-algodon
*Personalised hang tags made of kraft cardboard, or organic and biodegradable cardboard.
*We use cotton or hemp threads to seal the product or hang the label – Micro seals made of hemp, cotton, rope, etc.

*Textile printed labels on natural materials. For sewing on brand names, compositions or instructions for use/washing – 100% cotton labels, printed with certified inks.

*Organic printed tapes for packaging – Tapes made of cotton and natural materials.

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