Eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable and recycled labels

DEVELOPING ECOLOGICAL AND SUSTAINABLE LABELLING: biodegradable and recycled materials with recognised certificates in Spain.

Since the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has been on the cover of TIME magazine as person of the year for her firm commitment to saving the planet, with gestures such as taking on the challenge of travelling the world using environmentally friendly means of transport, and that are respectful of a more sustainable way of life, there seems to be an increasingly widespread feeling that the attitude towards protecting the planet should not just be an eco-friendly label that we stick on our lapel, but that we are duty-bound to be proactive and take real steps to help in this tough task.

The textile industry has been identified as one of the least sustainable industries, so it is crucial that the future of this industry is fully integrated into the circular economy model (reduce, reuse, recycle), as consumers increasingly value the environmental impact of companies and take it into account when making their purchasing decisions.

For the circular economy model to be effective, and for companies to avoid waste generation, they must use biodegradable materials and recyclable materials. The former have the capacity to reintegrate into nature, while the latter can be reincorporated into the production cycle and form part of a new product.

For all these reasons, at ADENEA we have the firm intention of contributing to this model of sustainable economy, while respecting the environment:

ADENEA’s ecological labelling.

Our greenest proposals:

Jacquard woven labels.
Until now we have offered woven labels with warp and weft in organic materials, and as a novelty we are introducing labels with 100% recycled polyester yarns.
These are OEKOTEX certified products.

Printed labels.
Printed with approved inks on natural fibre or recycled polyester ribbons.
These are REACH + OEKOTEX certified products.
Cardboard tags (hang tag).
Always recyclable and FSC certified
At Adenea we only use cardboard with sustainable wood certification, guaranteed by the FSC seal, which is the certification system that currently offers the most guarantees of the legal and sustainable origin of forest products.
Seals, threads and markers.
Made from natural yarns (cotton,
hemp or paper) and bio compostable plastic.
Made with recyclable polypropylene thread and recycled plastic.
Recycled textile / apparel navettes / Serrets, for application with labelling machines.
Made from 100% recycled material
It is time for the planet, and we can only think of contributing to preserve it in its natural ecosystem, and direct our efforts bearing in mind motivations such as the one suggested by that famous quote printed on an anonymous wall, which can help us to understand the decisive moments we are living through:
«A thousand machines can never make a flower».
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