Our recommendation

Every garment should have, as a minimum:

A hang tag designed according to the garment it accompanies in which we could attach to the back directly or by means of adhesive label all the non-mandatory data, according to law, which are essential for the correct identification by the final consumer, by the trade and necessary for the clothing manufacturer or importer. For example; bar code, price, model, colour, size…

The material to make this label can be any material, although cardboard is normally used. To fix it to the garment it is important to look for loops, eyelets, woven neck label, seams,… to avoid holes in the fabrics. There are different types of manual or automatic fastening, it is important to highlight the existence of thread / seals that guarantee the inviolability of the label at the point of sale.

Woven label with the customer’s brand, specially designed for the garment it accompanies. It must be correctly finished with a woven selvedge, so that it does not cause discomfort, otherwise the first thing the consumer will do after purchasing the garment will be to cut the label. In this way, the brand reference will be lost and the customer will not be able to identify it for a later purchase if the article purchased was to his liking.

Size label sewn in a visible place for easy identification. Do not forget to finish this small label, which normally accompanies the woven brand label.

Composition label, the only one legally required. We insist that it must remain legible and attached to the garment throughout its life. Therefore, when deciding on the purchase or production (with thermo-printing machines) of the label, the following aspects must be taken into account:

The ink, ribbon or foil used must be resistant to washing and ironing.
The backing material, preferably textile, should be as soft as possible and, of course, resistant to washing and ironing.
If aggressive stone-washing, dry-cleaning or dyeing processes are to be carried out on the garment, this should be discussed with your label supplier or material supplier so that they can recommend a suitable material. It is important to get the right advice before you start printing or buying labels.
At least the legally required information, as detailed below, must be included.


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